Acta Marisiensis. Philologia

Editorial board

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Petru Maior.

Article Reviewing

The contributions sent for publication to Acta Marisiensis. Philologia are analyzed by a Reviewing Comission formed by Acad. Nicolae Manolescu, Prof. Alexandru Nicolescu, PhD, Prof. Cornel Moraru, PhD., Prof. Al. Cistelecan, PhD., Prof. Iulian Boldea, PhD., Assoc. Prof. Ramona Hosu, PhD.

Consequently to the assessment of the scientific and ideatic content and to the establishment of the degree of originality and novelty promoted by the respective studies and articles, the comission will decide the publication in Acta Marisiensis. Philologia. The materials that do not meet the publication requirements might be returned to their author in order to improve their content and form.

The reviewing process is based on rigurous criteria of performance, content and expression, aiming to publish only the results of research that are genuinely competitive on a national and international level.

One of the most important criteria is the degree of insertion in the contemporary trend of approach proved by the article. Thus, the contributions that will be prioritary are those providing, by their premises, theoretical positions and direct references on which they are built, a distinctive integration in the contemporary debate of ideas, as well as interest for innovation and originality.